Rose Vietnam – 2012 letter from Founders

This year marks our fifth anniversary of humanitarian effort in Vietnam.  Many individuals and organizations who had participated in our various programs helped shape Rose VN into a mature NGO with promising future and presence in Vietnam and within the Rose International family today.  Our Board and regular volunteers, myself included, wanted to express our deepest appreciation to the support and dedication we received from all over the world in the years past.

Hue is one of the poorest areas of Vietnam and is subject to frequent, violent storms causing major damage to infrastructure.  To date, Rose VN has provided emergency relief, education, housing and micro-credit support.  Rose VN will continue to focus its support on Hue for the foreseeable future.  Recently, Rose VN has been approached by the chief of Thanh Tien village in Hue to help revitalize a 400-year indigenous craft of hand-made paper flowers. We learned that at one time this village was well known for these flowers but that since the war the industry has not flourished.  Rose VN sees this as a good opportunity for sustainable community development and will develop a three year plan, with input from the local villagers, which would include construction, tourism, marketing and ESL.  Over 2 million tourists are expected to visit Hue in 2012 and we hope to support the village by harnessing some of this growth.

We are growing our programs and number of members and I wanted to include a few excerpts from my reply to a recent partnership request as an account of the Rose VN development.

We wanted to have a solution…and sought out to establish Rose VN with a vision to unite generous individuals under one roof and pool our effort, resources and finance to do projects that are sustainable, authorized, and low to zero cost.”

“We wanted to ensure that 100% or nearly that of the donation will go directly to programs without administration cost.  So, I made sure that our volunteers and members will agree to incur all expenses out of their own pocket when we travel and am very proud of the dedication our volunteers and members has demonstrated .  None of us have salaries or any form of compensation.  It is entirely through volunteerism and Rose VN has regular members from all walk of life and geography.”

“We also wanted Rose VN to be open, welcoming and completely transparent.  I wanted donors to have a voice as to where they wanted the money to go and allow our donors to have the rights to earmark exactly how it is spent.  If a donor wanted donation to go to education, there it goes….If a donor wanted donation to go to orphanages…there it goes…etc.  If a donor already has their own foundation, they can bring it to us and we work with them as partner without losing their program or foundation name.  If a partner wanted to become a part of Rose then they are certainly welcomed.” 

Along our path of building the future for students through funding designated for scholarship and classrooms, our volunteers on the ground make connection with community and educational program leaders and address immediate needs that are desperate, emergency in nature.

It is in the spirit of human connection where past, present and future merge, where there is no racial, religious or social division that Rose VN volunteers are encouraged and continue to touch lives.

Louis Lap H. Nguyen and Jan Johnston


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