Rose Charities UK is an active  experienced  charity, run by volunteers, linked to an international network of charities and projects.  Our main focus is all aspects of rehabilitation.We support projects that address needs identified by local individuals and communities which improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged and are cost-effective.  We encourage projects to become self- funding.  We are not-for-profit, secular and non-political.

The Rose Charities International network was largely founded by ex-field workers, disillusioned with the waste created by lack of community consultation so often seen in the ‘aid industry’.

Rose Charities recognises that the giving and receiving of help enables the individuals on both sides to grow.


Some of the projects that we support are:


 The ‘Be Tho’ Orphanage,

is located on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City and cares for more than 100 children many of whom are disabled.  Oliver Bonas, the online department store,generously supports this project through our organization allowing us to provide food, education and health care for the kids as well as help with the maintenance of the orphanage itself.



 Rehabilitative Medical work

Rose Charities UK supports rehabilitative surgery and physical rehabilitation (physiotherapy) projects in Cambodia.

In particular it supports an eye clinic and its outreach programme which performs cataract surgery amongst other things and also a physiotherapy facility attached to a local hospital.

Prior to this facility opening Cambodia only had 6 physiotherapists in the country.



Computer training for women

Despite some social improvement in recent years, many Afghan women have terrible lives, deprived of many freedoms, including education, and living lives of poverty. Often married off by arrangement at a young age, they become trapped into existences of great hardship.  Giving some training can break this cycle, allowing the woman to obtain partial employment and empower her with options.  This training can be provided relatively cheaply; 75 pounds funds one computer course.  Rose Charities UK works with the Tabish Organization to provide such training opportunities, but funds are required.


Emergency Assistance

Where possible and specifically working with local counterparts who have requested assistance, Rose Charities UK assists where it can in emergency humanitarian programs alone or as part of the Rose Charities network.  Disasters  have included tsunami (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Tohoku Japan),  earthquake (Indonesia, Haiti), typhoon/hurricane (USA) and Ebola (Africa).    Rose Charities organizers have found  that  focused, locally requested efforts can bring the most effective and appropriate relief that its needed, and often are able to bypass gridlocks which can be  created by large-scale efforts.  In addition Rose Charities where it can will try to remain at the disaster site for longer term assistance to assist with the inevitable effects of the disaster which normally go on for years rather than months.


Rose Charities UK (The Rose Rehabilitation Trust; a charity registered in England No. 1091164) is run by a board of five trustees and is based in Sevenoaks:-

Chair:  Dr. David Staples,  Hon. Sec.: Mrs Pip Zingg,  Hon. Treasurer: Ms. Barbara Reade,

Trustees: Dr William Grut



Rose Charities UK  (Rose Rehabilitation Trust U.K. REG.CHARITY 1091164)  is an independent registered UK Charity but part of the International Rose Charities Network.  Founded in 1999 it follows the Rose Charities  policy of both supporting Rose Charities field projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas as well as other causes and organizations consistent with its aims and and goals.


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The main focus of Rose Charities UK is in all aspects of rehabilitation and is a strong supporter of the Rose Charities projects in these areas (Madagascar, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Vietnam etc).  The organizers of Rose Charities UK are aware of the enormous burden of disability experienced by  10%-12% of the worlds population, over 600 million people, and its impact on all levels from personal to economic.

Rose Charities UK strongly supports the the main foundation  of the Rose Charities network, that projects should be transparent, cost effective, and focused on individuals and their communities with needs preferably identified   though a process of local cooperation. The network was largely founded by ex field workers, disillusioned with the waste and lack of community consultation and consideration seen so often in the ‘aid industry’.  Our belief is that is far more functional to work with communities and individuals directly and at their level, than to attempt large ‘blanket projects’ covering  great areas.

Rose Charities other founding principle  is that good assistance and cooperation provides benefits in both directions ; to the implementer and the recipient.  The sense of worth,  fulfillment, the friendships and new links formed with peoples the world over, easily match or exceed the benefits for the recipients.    Giving and receiving are essentially the same processes and each are to be treasured.