Alwala Amos, 24. writes: 

  I have been pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Kyambogo University and await my graduation in December this year 2018. The love to design machinery and software which will better the lives and community around me and keeping up with the emerging technologies, drives my desire to advance in computer science, mechanical and electrical systems knowledge which drives my passion to pursue Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering. 

Rose-Smiles Program  has supported me all the way from Advanced level education to date as I complete my studies. The additional funding my parents received from Smiles was used as top up to complete my fees in time, and in my tertiary studies used to acquire requirements for the course, so as to smoothen my study without interruption and this turned out with good results in my study.

I did my internship in three phase; the first being an in  house training at the Kyambogo University mechanical workshop. My second internship was with ministry of works and transport where I learnt a lot ranging from lathe works, milling works, grinding, welding, and motor vehicle works. My final internship was with the ministry of energy and mineral development where I dealt with lots of energy forms like bio, wind, solar and even hydro energy.