Derrick Obin:..

Derrik Obin. (third from left)

Obin Derrick, Pursuing a three year course in Pharmacy.

Derrick writes…  Rose Charities Smiles started sponsoring me in 2011 at the age of thirteen. By then I was in my senior two. Before Smiles started sponsoring, my grandmother and mother were the ones paying my school fees. We are an extended family and by then a few of us were going to school because Grandmothers earnings were not enough to meet every ones school demands. Also what enabled me to study was my good performance in class. This always made my teachers to encourage grandmother and mother not to give up on paying my fees that they won’t regret educating me. And teachers would always sympathize with me whenever my school fees were not paid in time and kept me in class. Because of this I was in the highest class by the time smiles came to our family despite of my age. There would be a time when the school could no longer be patient and I had to be sent home. That’s how I struggled with my education.   At that time I honestly tell you that I had no dream because I knew that one day with the growing population at home, grandmother and mother would one day definitely tell me that they can no longer manage to educate me. In that case I was just studying because I was still being supported but strongly believed it was for a while.

When Rose Charities Smiles started sponsoring me, life changed.  School fees were always paid in time and fully. I got new a uniform and also developed self confidence at school. Felt in place like other students whose parents could afford to pay their fees and other school needs. Smiles was doing all these at once even earlier than other students would. There was no more worry about fees defaulting.  My performance upgraded from a second grade to a first grade and started having bigger dreams because I got the hope of achieving them.  Today as I write this, am 22 years in the final year of my diploma in pharmacy. I have never been demanded tuition. Even the tuition and upkeep for this semester has been fully paid. They bought for me a laptop for my research this semester. My education has been made easy.

Beyond being a student at school, I equip myself with leadership skills. At school am a savings and credits corporation (SACCO) leader.  My cabinet is made up of 10 executive members who assist me with running the SACCO activities. I encourage students to save and not to misuse money for example in alcohol, clubs and any other wasteful ways. We keep students savings up to the end of the academic year and give it back to them. We also give small loans to students with small financial problems which they bring back with a small profit of 10%. This has equipped me with the knowledge and passion for saving and as a leader to guide other people through advice and living an exemplary life.

Apart from that, I love live music so there is a music team that I play the keyboard for at school. We meet on Saturdays evenings for one and a half hours. During my free time wherever I am, always join music groups and play musical instruments mainly the keyboard. This keeps me occupied, I don’t have time for idling.

I take this opportunity to thank all the people who have put in their efforts to make sure I have a bright future. I promise the effort you have put in me will never be in vain .Mr. Galib Kara, Mr.Zahid, MS Bessy, Ms Barbara and the rest of the team thank you very much. May God Bless you

Last semester Holidays I went for internship (Industrial Training) in a district distant from home. While there i had a lot of experience about pharmacy .I met new people in my field who taught me a lot. They even allowed me to visit other departments like theatre for surgeries, outpatient department, Maternity. Paediatric ward, Nutrition, This has helped me advance in my career as a pharmacist.

My future plans are to perfect in medicine world, fight fake medicines and wrong prescriptions in the health facilities.