Rose Singapore debuts at Rose Charities Meeting Penang

Jonathan Riley (UK) and Dickson Ho

Rose Charities Singapore debuted at the Rose Charities IV Penang International Meeting and Conference in George Town and Tanjung Bunga from 22 to 25th March 2012.   From the moment of arrival they made their instant mark by contributing ideas, thoughts, wonderful humor and constructive plans and suggestions

Christina Leong, Dickson Ziwei Ho, and Jessica Toh flew in for the first day and were among the most enthusiastic  in attending every presenation, workshop and semin of the entire meeting.  These sessions included sector meetings on Sri Lanka, Hillman Fund (Africa, Pakistan, Cambodia and Afghanistan projects), Vietnam and Cambodia Rehab; workshops on the Logical Framework Approach (Ms Chim Sophak, [Cambodia], Josephine de Freitas and Mrs Maggie Francis [Canada])  and Social Networking .[Ms Rachel Greene USA]

Ms Christina Leong, Dr Will Grut  (Canada)
Ms Jessica Toh

The Singapore team also contributed greatly to a special panel looking at restructuring of the Rose Charities International board and many of their ideas will be implemented in the coming year.

Rose Charities Singapore’s  wonderful generosity was experienced by most of the field projects in the donation of 11 used laptops and a desktop. 9 of these were brought to Penang and presented to the field project representatives of Rose Charities Sri Lanka, Cambodia (including one for the Cambodia Physical Therapy Association), Vietnam, Pakistan (who took one extra for Afghanistan)

Rose Charities Singapore, no only ‘hit the ground running’ when it came into the network last year, but running at ‘supersonic speed’.  Immediately on formation, emergency supplies (a container) were arranged for Thai flood relief, old peoples homes have (and continue to be) visited, parties arranged at childrens homes, and even local animal care assisted.

Clockwise: Christina Leong, Dickson Ho
Ung Sambach (Cambodia), Lee Parker (Aus)
Louis Lap Nguyen (Vietnam)

The group consists currently of an informal core of friends and colleagues all caring to make the world a better place. While they may apply for formal Singapore registration in the future they will in the mean time simply continue to do what they can for who they can in the spirit of pure charity.

Rose Charities Singapore is an amazing group of people of formidable talent, charity and generosity.  By the end of the meeting they had  made friends of everyone and formulated plans to help several of the field projects. The City State should be very very proud of them indeed…the Rose Charities Network certainly is !

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