Graduation day for Haiti Nurses

On Jan 5 2012, the first graduation ceremony, since the earthquake, took place at the State University School of Nursing in Port-aux-Prince Haiti.
As each graduating student stood up to receive her award she honored five of her class mates who had lost their lives when the school collapsed.

Over 200 students were killed that day and the school completely destroyed. Just weeks later, in an act of extraordinary courage and perseverance, the surviving students and staff reopened the school in tents and carried on as best they could.

The graduation ceremony was a moving tribute that all the students, staff and dignataries from the Ministry of Health felt honoured to make. The loss of so many young women and health professionals in a country that needs them desperately, was felt by all. Rose Charities was mentioned by Mme Nazaire in her gratitude to all who helped them over the last years.

Rose Charities was able to assist by organizing counseling for the surviving nurses, sending new textbooks, teaching maniquinnsand a container of equipment for the teaching lab.

We would like to honor the dedication of the staff and students and wish them well in their future careers

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