Rose Charities UK 2021. Change of status announcement

Rose Charities UK follows closely the paradigm of the Rose Charities International ‘family’ in seeking to be flexible, very field oriented, ground-up and responsive where possible to real needs in communities.   Provided good effective work and programs are being contributed or or organized, all other considerations are secondary including promotion of its name or structural network building.   With this focus Rose Charities groups and organizations exit in many forms from one or two charitable individuals through to fully nationally registered formal charities. What form a Rose group takes depends very much on the best way it can be effective in assisting with the needs it had identified wherever they are.

After analysis and deliberation the board of Rose Charities UK has decided that the organization in the UK would be more functional running as a Program Group supporting one or more of the many Rose Charities field programs across the world.  This will allow all energies to be put into such programs and not go into the infrastructure maintenance needed to maintain a formal registered charity in the UK.

Despite the above the Rose Charities UK is very aware the absolute importance of clear, transparent, well managed and reported accounting.  Donations will thus be managed through Rose Charities Canada.  Registered Canadian charities are accountable through the  ‘CRA’ (Canadian Revenue Authority), the government organization which is quite possibly the strictest, most regulated charity monitoring agency in the world).

What this means is that Donations to Rose Charities UK are NO LONGER ELIGIBLE for GIFT AID in the UK ( Rose UK never found this facility greatly utilized anyway )

We look forward to continued assistance and involvement with Rose Charities field programs worldwide