Malabo Grassroots music partership in Zambia

The Ngoma Dolce Music Academy

The Ngoma Dolce Music Academy in Lusaka is our newest partner -project!  Malambo Grassroots was introduced to this wonderful academy two years ago.  The academy is the culmination of co-director Moses Kalomo’s life-long dream to allow children the opportunity to study music, an opportunity that he struggled to find as a child.

One of the challenges in Zambia is finding musical instruments. As a result there are many choirs and very few instrumentalists.  With immense gratitude from the Vancouver music community, Malambo Grassroots was able to collect over 100 instruments, music, books, CDs, strings, reeds, and all accessories needed to help the Ngoma Dolce Academy build their instrument program.  The container is due to arrive in Lusaka any day.

We are also extremely grateful to the Chen Family for their very generous scholarship donation to bring the joy of music to young Zambian children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to study music.  The Chen Family Scholarship Fund has already started to benefit students with a weekend long workshop at the Academy involving students from Kamulanga High School and Lusaka Girls Basic School.

Future plans include visiting professors, distance learning, and exchange programs with schools in Canada. We continue to fundraise for donations to sustain the scholarship fund and to purchase more instruments for the Academy.

Unsung Heroes Cambodia: New book !

We are proud to announce that we have been featured in new book that is being released shortly. ‘Unsung Heroes Cambodia: People and Projects Making a Difference’ is a non-profit book that is a collection of inspirational stories about NGO’s that also raises awareness about the complex issues surrounding voluntourism. It offers practical tips for anyone interested in helping whether by donating time, money or equipment. It also is filled with stunning photography that presents a side of Cambodia that is heartfelt and unique (in the large format book – an ebook version will also be available for travelers).
To receive information on this book (which is raising money for the projects it includes) please join the mailing list by using this link:
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Rose Charities Canada 2013 Project Forum – Vancouver

Dr Andrew Macnab. Expert on Health promoting schools

and founder Brighter Smiles Africa

An amazing group of people attended the Jan 2013 Rose Charities Canada Project Forum of varied interests and backgrounds and organizations.  A comment from one of the participants summarized it well ‘I cant believe the amount of shere competence and expertise present in this room this evening;   The meeting was held again at Creekside Community Centre. False Creek, Vancouver

This year the format was slightly different.  instead of fixed presentations the concept was to more to generate debate, comment and constructive participation.  In the first half Will Grut of Rose International summarized the network in an individual presentation but invited the various project groups to update as their projects were presented.  In the second half a panel consisting of Dr Andrew Macnab ( ) ,  Dr Ruth Brighouse and Annette Borkent  ( ) facilitated discussion using aspects of their excellent projects to focus on particular issues.

Food, sushi, dips, cakes, cookies and coffee were kindly provided by some of the participants, notably Dr Diana Carter (UBC Psychiatry Dept)

Attendees concentrate on a presentation

Notable attendees in addition to those mentioned above, were  Ms Sue Ishii , Nicole Schouela, Honey Halpern and a team from  ,  Prof. Jane Roskams of the The Ha Mpiti Project/Mathabo Leadership Academy Project, Lesotho,  Liz Moss  of  Proyecto San Gerardo Costa Rica, Luke King  of Rose Madagascar  Will Grut represented Roses Cambodia and Vietnam  and Dr Yoga Yogendran of Rose Sri Lanka Committee . International Counsellor (original organizer of 2005 Rose Tsunami post traumatic counselling program) Yaya de Andrade ( see )  attended as well as Emily McCance and
Pierre Etienne Banville
of the Rose Social Enterprise Committee  (see ) . The Hillman Fund were well represented by  Dr Joanne Young and Mr Craig Keeting , as were International Health Initiatives, Juliette .  Dr Ellen Coburn of Guatemala school project contributed an excellent update.  Mrs Janice (and husband Dr David) Wensley of the Safe Motherhood Committee of Rose Charities came as did    Rose Charities Canada’s Chair, Maggie Francis and Hon Treasurer Eric Vanderluit   Accountant Kevin Simpson, (who carries out pivotal accounting  work for Rose Canada) as did a fellow accountant and Rose supporter,   Richard McCallum

Dr Ruth Brighouse and Anne Borkent of Safe Motherhood


The atmosphere of the meeting was stimulating, creative and constructive. Discussions ranged around many areas though focusing on transfer of training and teaching schools.  Such skills transfer is very much the focus of the projects (Birthing attendant skills Guatemala and Health Promotion in Uganda) .  The Rose Charities network is now fairly broad as well as deep and the forum allowed organizers from dispersed parts of it to meet and exchange ideas.

A big thank you to Maggie Francis (Chair Rose Charities Canada) and Linda Roberts(Rose International Hon Sec)  for much of the structuring of the meeting.


Jessica Blakes wonderful gift to Rose Charities and Cambodia. ‘The more I see’

Jessica Blake.... writer and singer of 'The more I see'

The beautiful singer and songwriter Jessica Blake has dedicated one of her most lovely songs to Rose Charities.  ‘The more I see’   was written during a visit by Jessica to Cambodia where she was moved by the courage of the poor battling with so much need.  Jessica discovered there of the work of Rose Charities (now around 20 years) in Cambodia and so with huge generosity dedicated this incredible song to Rose work.   Please click to listen to if and, if  you are like it and would like to honour tnd thank Jessica by donating a little to Rose Charities efforts use the donation pageof this site.  The funds will be used to help the poor of Cambodia in one of Rose’s many projects there

Harold Speldewinde

Harold Speldewinde receives an award

Harold Vernon Speldewinde PJK.  Rose Charities Hon Fellow.   1924 – 2012

We mourn the death of one of Rose Charities Penang, Malaysia’s leading founders, Hon Rose Charities Fellow, and our friend Mr Harold Speldwinde and extend heartfelt condolences to his Family.  From sporting achievement, to remarkable wartime service to one of the main developers of Malaysias world renowned ‘green’ , environmentally low impact oil palm industry,   Harolds Speldewindes’s life was one of great variety, colour and success.   At the 1st Rose Charities International meeting in Penang 2008, Harold Speldewinde introduced the first members of Rose Charities Malaysia and was awarded the rarely endowed  title of  Rose Charities Honourary Fellow for his lifetime of outstanding work to help others.  Ever warm,  involved and welcoming he also attended sessions at the  fourth Rose Charities International meeting

Harold Speldewinde with London 1948 Olympic Pentathlon Champion Wille Grut. Malaysia circa 1960

(also in Penang) in Feburary 2012 .  Harold Speldewinde’s wartime heroism is well known and well documented. Harold  also had an encyclopedic knowledge of almost every aspect of Malaysia life including details of life deep in the forest with

the indigenous ‘Orang Asli’ people.   Harold Speldewinde was a man of rare inherent nobility, intelligence and heroism. He is sadly missed.


Dr Nous Sarom: Master Surgeon of Cambodia…

Dr Nous Sarom was born November 12,1970 and grew up in a small village, Prek Roka , Kandal Steung District , Province of Kandal 30km south of the Capital City of Phnom Penh, He did his primary school and college at his hometown and his high School at capital city of Kandal province. He completed his medical degree at, Universite de la Science Sante, in Phnom Penh 1995. From 1996 he was appointed as a member of the medical staff and head of the Surgery Department of Kandal Stung District Hospital , the district of his home area.
Dr Nous start training (1996-1999 ) in Plastic surgery and Cleft lip/ Cleft palate repair with Operation Unis, a Japanese organization which was the first NGO conducting cleft lip/Palate surgical Missions in Cambodia since 1992 in Dr Nous Kandal Stung Surgical Department .
From May 1999- March 2003 Dr,Nous was appointed to the Medical staff of Rose Charities Rehabilitation Center, Kien Kleang ,Phnom Penh and then promoted to Chief of Surgery of the Center.  Rose Charities was the first NGO surgical unit to recognize and start providing specialized care for acid burn victims, and Dr Sarom was foremost in the development of this area.   He was interviewed for THE LANCET.Vol359.March 30, 2002. ( and also  presented his pioneering work at the Sunnybrook Hosptial, University of Toronto March 2000.
Dr Nous carried undertook further training through a clinical cleft lip/palate surgery fellowship at Queen Marry Hospital , University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2000 supported by Professor Nabil Samann. He then completed a further 3 year program in Maxillofacial surgery though a fellowship Fellowship in Thailand which was organized by IAOMS(International Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon) and PSU( Prince of Songkla University), Hatyai, Thailand at the culmination of which in 2004 he gained a Diploma of Maxillofacial Surgery Diploma
After returning home ,2004, Dr.Nous was appointed to the surgical staff of Chea Chumneas Referral Hosptial, Takmhmao, Kandal Province. Shortly after this he was further promote to the position of deputy director of the entire Chea Chumneas Hospital .
Around the same time, Dr Nous founded his own rehabilitative surgical project in coordination with and partially supported by Rose Charities. Initially under the name of Operation FIRST, the work both in with Rose and also as an independent organization continues to this day. Operation FIRST forged many international and local links including with Operation SMILE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Operation Rainbow Canada and the University of British Columbia.
In 2008, Dr Nous undertook an academic fellowship in plastic surgery at UBC, Vancouver supported and instructed by Operation Rainbow’s Dr Douglas Courtemanche, Dr Cynthia Verchere, Dr David Naysmith, Dr Kimit Rai, Professor Richart Warrant, Dr. Douglas Caberwise and Dr Nicholas Carr.
Also in 2008 (January) ,2008, Dr.Nous received the award of ‘Credential in Plastic Surgery’ a specialized, and highly valued award of Operation SMILE. This was closely followed by a affirmation of worldwide recognition as a cleft surgeon by the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation and The Smile Train Organization.
Attending the Rose Charities International Conference in Penang in Febrary 2008, Dr Nous was at the occasion presented with the 2007 Charity Rose Award for outstanding contribution and dedication to charity.
Dr Nous traveled as a plastic surgery Consultant with joint the international Surgical Mission (several organization) to India’s, Sikim State,2009 and to Laos Parkse 2010. As a representative of Operation Smile Cambodia he was a valued participant at the Asia-Pacific Cleft Care conference in Perth March 2011 and the Maxillofacial deformity Conference in October,2011 in Melbourne, Australia.
Since January 2012, he was appointed as Consultant Surgeon to the staff of Preaket Mealea Hospital, the biggest Military hospital, Phnom Penh, Cambodia . This hospital provides a range of services, both subsidized (mostly free) for the poor and costed services for others.
Dr Nous is thus, currently Head of Department of Maxillofacial, Plastic , Reconstructive and esthetic surgery and a clinical assistant Professor of Maxillofacial/Plastic surgery . Through him his department maintains and nurtures links with many other organizations both in Cambodia and overseas. An elective student placement program is run also for medical/surgical students.
Dr Nous maintains has a considerable international background, benefitting from experience both in the industrialized and developing world. Having performed, taught and organized a huge number of cleft and general rehabilitative surgeries to thousands of patients in considerably varying conditions worldwide his breadth of knowledge and practical experience are matched by few. Dr Nous is thus one of Cambodia’s most valued and honoured surgeons but he uses this wealth of experience as much to help those in need as for his own remuneration.

Dr Nous is current Cambodia representative of the Rose International Council. He is married with 4 children.