Boys and Girls: by Patrick O’Hagan: Read this harrowing essay which refers to Rose partner Tabish Community Health Organization

tabish-kid-picture1 “…The dean asks the child and his family if he wishes to be sacrificed in the way of Islam,’ Dr Abed replied. ‘This doesn’t mean giving him up to suicide bombing, but some will be. It can escalate from one madrassah to another and eventually the child might find himself in a place where the children are training to be suicide-bombers. The students in these madrassahs will be taken to the ultimate training centre in Pakistan blindfolded. They don’t know where they are going and when they arrive at this camp they have lost their bearings….”

READ the full essay…


Building sustainable communities through Microcredit and Social Enterprise: A workshop/conference. Sri Lanka 24-26 January 2014

rose-sri-conference-2014a The community of Kalmunai, one of the worst sites of the 2004 tsunami, was left with little hope. But what a difference 10 years can make!
Come see for yourself a real Rose Charities success story, and share the lessons that make Rose projects work.
Kalmunai is ready to welcome and thank you for breathing life back into their community.

10 Reasons You Need to be There:

1. Learn personally from Rose Sri Lanka how to create the cash flow your own project needs to sustain itself.
Micro Credit Workshops are planned to show you & your organisation how to structure similar success: Kalmunai now supports 3000 family home based businesses, a project that started with only $5000

2. Witness where your money & energy has impacted other lives: see a community that has flourished.
See how only 100 people (including yourself) have changed the lives of thousands forever through a plan of self sufficiency. Their children will now be sharing the next generation with yours.

3. Celebrate with the Kalmunai community as it honours Rose Charities,  its contributors & volunteers.
It is a special day to pay tribute to those who have turned this community around. It is a reunion, a homecoming that will include local dignitaries & entertainment.

4. Connect at the Rose International Conference:  align with other international Rose projects.
Exchange your project ideas (optometry, medical) that Kalmunai could benefit from, streamline resources & celebrate successes.
5. Get real: take a reality check from life’s stresses and plug into a community that really means ‘community’.
Homestay with a local family or be invited to a meal with one. Visit a local family store or school that is sustained by Rose support. Why not bring your own family?

6. Participate in the experience as this event is documented for posterity.
Canadian media productions who were here 10 years ago, are returning to film the week’s events, demonstrating the lasting impact of Rose Charities in Sri Lanka for the world to see.

7. Investigate social & business investment opportunities in an emerging economy.
Be introduced to charity, social investing like micro credit, business or real estate prospects in the region. Tourism is the fastest growing sector. Medical practices that support the community.

8. Capture firsthand how  a multi- cultural multi-religious community functions in harmony, despite all the conflicts of war, social unrest and natural disasters.
Meet graduates of Rose’s University scholarship programs, families who have benefited from Rose micro-credit home-based businesses, and kids involved in inter-school Sports for Peace & pre-school programs.

9. Adventure into exotic cultural extremes that range from subsidence living to tea plantations, jungle elephant tours, 5 star beach hotels and beaches.
Organised guided nature & wildlife tours. Social cricket game: Rose Expats v Rose Sri Lanka 🙂 Traditional dance, music & hospitality in diverse cultures & landscapes.

10. Share in the company of like-minded people who have touched a community at a real grassroots level.
Meet the volunteer doctors & nurses & teachers, the donors (corporate & private), the local Rose team, the beneficiaries, media, community leaders who all helped create this success. Share your story over dinner.

See with your own eyes the people whose lives and destinies have been positively changed by the efforts of Rose Charities and your donations.
The road to Kalmunai is testimony to how lasting change can occur, a pilgrimage to sustainability.

sri-conference-2014bIn a town that recognizes Rose Charities  as its saving grace at its time of need, there will be no place on this planet that you will be welcomed more.
Limited Packages available from as little as $2500CDN* including economy flight (from Vancouver), shared accommodation, Rose Conference, community tours, guest celebrations connections, meals and workshops.
*not including connecting accommodation, nature excursions, 4star accommodation & meal options visas, health & travel insurance, spending money

Contact Rose Canada for details and ways we can advise you get you in getting there.
The journey begins here.
More details to follow….
See you in Kalmunai, Sri Lanka
Lawrence Keenan (Donors & Volunteers),
Erica Krutzen (Media & Vancouver Event),
Will Grut (Rose Int.& Canada)
Yoga Yogendran (BC Investors & Community),
Rajeeshan (Sri Lanka)
c/- Sri Lanka Conference Committee 2014

How often in life do you get to see the lasting impact that you have created from your volunteer efforts or donation?
This is one of those defining moments….

Sokny at the International Hand Therapy congress 2013 in India

Sokny with participants and Evelyn Mackin (in white jacket)

Sokny at the International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy congress 2013 in India.

Senior RCRC Physiotherapist, Sokny took to the skies in early March – on his first ever flight – to New Delhi, India.

As the winner of the Evelyn Mackin Award for a therapist from a developing country, RCRC was thrilled that Sokny had this opportunity to take part in this fantastic learning opportunity.

There was a great deal to choose from – as the conference was attended by many health disciplines including specialist hand surgeons. Also present were Occupational Therapists, Prosthetists and Orthotists (POs),  Physiotherapists, and researchers.

Sokny focussed on topics that might be of greatest use in Cambodia, and  at RCRC. These were wrist instability: splinting or exercise; stabilisation exercise for wrist instability; rehabilitation for patients with burns; thumb instability: surgery, splints or exercise, and consideration of the kinds of splinting material and types of splints.  Hand therapy is such a specialist area, and in Cambodia, as elsewhere, so much is at stake if hand use is compromised through injury.

It wasn’t quite all work though, Sokny also grabbed the chance to visit the Taj Mahal!

Sokny – at the Taj Mahal

‘Amazing and fantastic’ is how he summed it up.  Sokny is looking forward to the opportunity to pass on his new found knowledge, to his RCRC colleagues and to members of the Cambodian Physical Therapy Association (CPTA).

RCRC is enormously grateful to theInternational Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy, for providing  Sokny with an all-expenses paid opportunity to learn so much from others in the field of hand therapy.                                                             Written by Lee Parker

Rose Vietnam: Thanh Thien Ornamental Flower Center: First Tourists Visit !

Thanh Thien Village  Ornamental Flower Center has seen its first tourist visit.    Thanh Thien was historially the traditional royal village which made the fabric flowers for the kings and queens of Vietnam.  This skilled art of hand-crafting delicate work, needing specialized tools and instruments, themselves made by the villagers had been all but lost.  Rose Vietnam has helped to revive the cottage-industry, and introduce it to tourists, who are able both to see, as well as to try their hand at the process themselves.  A visitor centre has been established and a small shop where flower kits and other souvenirs may be purchased.

Mahatsara School: Madagascar.


Lying around 5 hours drive (200 km) north east of Antananarivo, is village of Mahatsara.  The school there founded by Bina Andriamanjato is supported also by  group of Canadian students and ex students who joined up their project with Rose Charities Canada

The Mahatsara School provides Quality Education to over 100 students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend school.  In 2012 the grade 5 students won top place in the region.  In addition all 27 grade 9 students passed the difficult National High School Entrance Exam, to receive their Junior Dipolmas. This is very important as it is the gateway to higher education in Madagascar.

The kids at Mahatsara form are a  happy and energetic congregation  ranging from young to mid teens.

There is a school community garden project cultivated by parents, students and other community members. There is a lunch nutrition program to ensure each child receives at least one healthy meal per day, and a Mahatsara Parents Association which is a real driving force behind the school.

The school runs a community library; books are very expensive in Madagascar and most have been donated by international volunteers.  Sports programs are also organized: in 2011 the basketball team made it to the regional finals.  The school has taken students on several field trips in the surrounding area. Among the most significant field trips has been a trip to the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo through which older students at the school had the opportunity to see the capital and tour the University. For most students, this was their first trip to Antananarivo.

Health education: Mahatsara organizes community health education sessions at the request of community members. These sessions may include dental hygiene, sex education, nutritional training and home safety (ie the hazards of cooking on a fire indoors)

Finally a Mahatsara store is organized, selling school supplies and other small items to community members who can afford them. All proceeds are put back into the project.


Rose Sri Lanka’s very successful microcredit program: nearly 2000 members assisted to date..

The Microcredit team in Sri Lanka keeps meticulous records of all loan transactions, statistics and demographics of borrowers. These details are sent to the Vancouver business team every month for analysis and review. The program undergoes an independent evaluation every year by a microcredit expert and is annually audited. The reviews have been very positive and the results speak for themselves.

From the graphs it can be seen that the program membership has increased steadily, reaching 1000 members by 2009. The loan repayments rates are consistently high and keeping pace with the loans issued, and there is a net operating surplus.

As of Q1 2011, indicators of self- sufficiency of the microcredit are becoming clear with loans repaid  for the first time exceeding loans issued. This trend will become more pronounced as the microcredit fund becomes self-perpetuating, growing to the extent that it no longer needs external fundraising to allocate new loans.

Note: The charts on this page are streamed from a Google Docs Spreadsheet. If they are not visible or broken it means that Google is temporarily having issues.

Rose Charities Canada 2013 Project Forum – Vancouver

Dr Andrew Macnab. Expert on Health promoting schools

and founder Brighter Smiles Africa

An amazing group of people attended the Jan 2013 Rose Charities Canada Project Forum of varied interests and backgrounds and organizations.  A comment from one of the participants summarized it well ‘I cant believe the amount of shere competence and expertise present in this room this evening;   The meeting was held again at Creekside Community Centre. False Creek, Vancouver

This year the format was slightly different.  instead of fixed presentations the concept was to more to generate debate, comment and constructive participation.  In the first half Will Grut of Rose International summarized the network in an individual presentation but invited the various project groups to update as their projects were presented.  In the second half a panel consisting of Dr Andrew Macnab ( ) ,  Dr Ruth Brighouse and Annette Borkent  ( ) facilitated discussion using aspects of their excellent projects to focus on particular issues.

Food, sushi, dips, cakes, cookies and coffee were kindly provided by some of the participants, notably Dr Diana Carter (UBC Psychiatry Dept)

Attendees concentrate on a presentation

Notable attendees in addition to those mentioned above, were  Ms Sue Ishii , Nicole Schouela, Honey Halpern and a team from  ,  Prof. Jane Roskams of the The Ha Mpiti Project/Mathabo Leadership Academy Project, Lesotho,  Liz Moss  of  Proyecto San Gerardo Costa Rica, Luke King  of Rose Madagascar  Will Grut represented Roses Cambodia and Vietnam  and Dr Yoga Yogendran of Rose Sri Lanka Committee . International Counsellor (original organizer of 2005 Rose Tsunami post traumatic counselling program) Yaya de Andrade ( see )  attended as well as Emily McCance and
Pierre Etienne Banville
of the Rose Social Enterprise Committee  (see ) . The Hillman Fund were well represented by  Dr Joanne Young and Mr Craig Keeting , as were International Health Initiatives, Juliette .  Dr Ellen Coburn of Guatemala school project contributed an excellent update.  Mrs Janice (and husband Dr David) Wensley of the Safe Motherhood Committee of Rose Charities came as did    Rose Charities Canada’s Chair, Maggie Francis and Hon Treasurer Eric Vanderluit   Accountant Kevin Simpson, (who carries out pivotal accounting  work for Rose Canada) as did a fellow accountant and Rose supporter,   Richard McCallum

Dr Ruth Brighouse and Anne Borkent of Safe Motherhood


The atmosphere of the meeting was stimulating, creative and constructive. Discussions ranged around many areas though focusing on transfer of training and teaching schools.  Such skills transfer is very much the focus of the projects (Birthing attendant skills Guatemala and Health Promotion in Uganda) .  The Rose Charities network is now fairly broad as well as deep and the forum allowed organizers from dispersed parts of it to meet and exchange ideas.

A big thank you to Maggie Francis (Chair Rose Charities Canada) and Linda Roberts(Rose International Hon Sec)  for much of the structuring of the meeting.