Haiti says ‘thank you’ for nursing training

Rose Charities recently completed a third nursing course for nurses and doctors. Many text books were sent as well as equipment for the hospitals.
We just received this email from Madame Duvilaire (General Secretary of the Haitian Nurses Association) –
“The EINDPS, Jeremie (a town outside Port-au-Prince) has received the books from Rose Charities and the dean, the teachers and the students are very delighted . EINDPS School of nursing Jeremie thank specially Rose Charities for this donation who will help 140 students and their teachers (to) give better care and received updated instead of outdated instructions.
May god bless Rose Charities for the good work they are doing in helping in the promotion of nursing in Haiti “.
Maud C. Duvilaire
Nursing Advisor EINDPS/MSPP
Thanks Madame Duvilaire, we are already planning another course in 2012!

Rose Charities Canada’s 2nd Project Presentation Forum. Vancouver

The ‘BC Place’ Sadium formed an
impressive backdrop to the meetin

The 2nd Rose Charities Canada Project Presentation Forum held at the Creekside ‘Olympic Village’ Community Centre in Vancouver attracted around 80 persons and represented a spectrum from those with close Rose involvment to those just curious to know more about Rose projects. Food was ‘pot-luck’ which resulted in a groaning table of delicious food and an drinks were available at a small donation bar.

Topics demonstrated the wide range of Rose Charities Canada involvment areas, both geographical as well as sectorial. Sadly, time, and the quantity of projects permitted only short 5 minute presentations, but this tight schedule also allowed a mid period for refreshments and all-important networking .

Rachel Greene (Rose Charities NY)
presents on Social Networking

Special guests were Rachel Greene and Clare Seekins of Rose Charities USA, who presented the work of Rose Charities NY with their digital art program for reservation youth in Idaho, as well as a talk on social media. 

The evening was deemed interesing and enjoyable by all.

Presentations consisted of ..

  • Rose Charities Canada Admin (Maggie Francis, Josephine de Freitas) http://rosecharities.ca
  • Rose Charities USA project (Idaho First Nation Youth Project) and Social Networking (Rachel Greene, Clare Seekins – both Rose Charities USA) http://rosecharities.us
  • Mayan Project (Education) (Dr Ellen Coburn) http://www.mayanproject.org
  • Safe Motherhood Guatamala (Annette Borkent) http://www.safemotherhoodproject.org
  • Malambo Grassroots (Jocelyn Banyard) http://malambograssroots.ca
  • Rose Charities in Haiti (Linda Warner) http://rosehaiti.info
  • Brighter Smiles Uganda (Drea Burbank) http://africanhearts.ca
  • Rose Charities Vietnam (Louis Lap Nguyen) http://www.rosevietnam.org
  • Education Generation (Mila Lukic ) http://www.educationgeneration.org
  • Rose Charities Cambodia (Dr Will Grut) http://rosecambodia.org
  • Volset Uganda (Roger Huyghe)
  • Stand Tall Education Uganda (Nicole Schouela) http://www.standtalleducation.org
  • Hands up for Africa Kenya (Colin Harivel) http://www.handsupforafrica.org
  • Rose Madagascar (Dr Emma Noble/Luke King) http://rosemadagascar.squarespace.com
  • Rose Sri Lanka (Mike Ramanaden) http://rosesrilanka.info
Rose Charities Canada’s Louise Aaronson and Pricilla Yogendran
take refreshments between presentation