Superfly: Skydiving book by David Waterman and John Partington-Smith donates to Rose Charities

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Internationally renowned photographer David Waterman, and acclaimed cartoonist, designer and artist John Partington-Smith both have a lifetime of tales and jokes from their skydiving careers. Both were among the originators of sport parachuting and skydiving in the UK founding the first relative skydiving team(s) and continuing activities in all aspects of the sport for 40+ years.   The book is a compilation of jokes and snippets from all these years.  They are generously donating proceeds to Rose Charities.

Even if  you are not a skydiver you will find the pages enormously funny and entertaining, and you will, in your purchase be helping the poor through an organization with almost zero administration costs, community level projects and the sort of work-together ethic that is found in skydiving.

Dave and John ‘PS’ are amazing individuals of incredible talent. Their generosity is hugely appreciated.